Creating Email Notifications

Last modified June 30, 2021

Email Notification Setup Process

In the Publisher Dashboard click Upload and select the Mailing Template category to submit the following items:

  • Content for the mailing template supplied in a .txt or .doc format
  • Sample template selection (options listed below)
  • Subject line verbiage
  • Target launch date
  • List of reviews for email notification proofing process with final approver indicated
  • Notes for any special instructions
  • Zipped file of images (cover image supplied by GTxcel for email notifications)

Subscriber List Setup and Process

In the Publisher Dashboard click Upload and select the Mailing Lists category to submit subscriber lists. For list requirements click here:  Subscriber file setup mailing list

Deployment Proof Process

To review the email notification review process see Email Deployment Proof Approval

Template Setup

Outgoing message format can use GTxcel’s sample templates (see below), or customer-provided, ready-to-use html.
When providing message copy to be used with GTxcel’s templates, please make sure to include the following
(*’d items are required for CAN-SPAM compliance):

  • Postal address of publisher*
  • A reply-to e-mail address of the publisher, for non-technical questions (GTxcel will supply a technical support address)

If you choose to create ready-to-send html, please make sure to include the following in your message:

  • Opt-out (unsubscribe to emails) instructions*
    • GTxcel can provide a link and manage opt-outs through Omail.
    • Client can provide a link and manage opt-outs through their own systems. If this is done the publisher can choose to provide a “access only” subscriber list via the Publisher Dashboard, for only those who have opted-out of the mailings so GTxcel can grant them access without triggering an email message. Please include instructions on the lists during the upload process.
  • A URL link to the magazine that can be copied/pasted if hyperlinks aren’t working
  • You will need to host any images used in the html message.

Please keep in mind the timing of your digital issues and app going live when planning your first email blast. You may or may not choose to adjust the verbiage of the message or adjust the email blast schedule based on whether or not your app is live.

When sending updates to notification e-mail text, kindly send only the updates to the existing text, especially when the changes are minor. Additional charges may apply to template changes or updates.

Please review your outgoing text for typos, etc. prior to submission.

Mailing Template Samples:  If you would like to use one of our sample template, please let us know which number, we will then inform you of what assets are needed

“From” Email Address

You may find it helpful to include the ‘From’ email address on your subscriber confirmation page. This way your readers can whitelist the email address and never worry about not receiving the notifications. Typically, the From address is, but please check with your Digital Specialist for confirmation.

Further Reading

Check out our five article series “Email Best Practices for Publishers” that covers email marketing essentials, which can be applied to optimize subscriber communication and increase return on investment.

Part I: Planning & Scheduling

Part one covers planning and scheduling – which includes defining the goal of your email, audience management, and schedule optimization.

Part II: Design Optimization

Part two covers the overall aesthetic of your email template. This includes layout, imagery, typography, color palette, and accessibility.

Part III: Content Optimization

Part three covers optimizing your content. That includes everything from messaging and tone, to personalization and linking.

Part IV: Tracking Performance

Part four discusses key performance indicators, what they mean and why you should be measuring them.

Part V: Split Testing

In this article, we’ll put what we learned in the previous article to use as we cover split testing, also known as A/B testing.

Need Help?
The Digital Help Desk is the process for communicating with GTxcel regarding new title setups, questions, and technical issues for the Web Reader and/or Apps.

You can submit a request to us through the Request Help button located in the Publisher Dashboard or call the support number: 800-609-8994, option 3.
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