New Document Mailing Process

Last modified March 29, 2023

  1. Upload your mailing list(s)
  2. Upload featured articles (if applicable)
  3. Schedule your Document to publish
  4. Review the Email Proofs

Upload your mailing list(s)

Please read through the format requirements for your mailing list(s).

Once you have your mailing list(s) ready and before you schedule your document to publish, upload your list(s) through the Publisher Dashboard under the “Mailing Lists” category. Use the “Special Instructions” field to communicate your desired deployment date and time.

NOTE: Same day email deployments can only be done if your document is live by 11am ET.

If your mailing template has a section calling out specific article content from your document, an advertisement and/or any other document specific items, you will need to supply us with those items for each new document.

In the Publisher Dashboard, click “Upload” under the document you want to deploy the email for and select the “Mailing Template” category to submit any or all of the following items (only if applicable to your mailing template):

  • Featured article headings, descriptions and page numbers (supplied in .txt or .doc format)
  • Subject line verbiage (if different from default)
  • Zipped file of any images to be updated
    • NOTE: Cover image is supplied by GTxcel
  • Notes for any special instructions
  • Publisher created custom template (if applicable)

NOTE: When sending updates for the email template text, please send only the updates to the existing text, especially when the changes are minor. Additional charges may apply to template changes or updates.

Deployment Proof Process

Once your document is live, GTxcel’s Email Coordinators will update your mailing template and send proofs for you to approve before deployment.

NOTE: Same day email deployments can only be done if your document is live by 11am ET.


A set of 3 email proofs will be sent to the email addresses provided as your collections proofers.

NOTE: There is no limit as to how many proofers can receive the email proofs BUT we will need one proofer identified as the final approver.

The proofers and final approver will receive the following emails:

  1. An HTML test email (1 per mailing list)
  2. A TEXT test email (1 per mailing list)
  3. An Approval Request email

Subject line format for the proof emails are:
[Email ID] Test [Test #] [TYPE] :: [subject line text]

  • Email ID will be a series of letters and numbers identifying the collection and document
  • The Test # will identify the version of the proof (a new proof will be send anytime an edit is made).
  • TYPE identifies the type of email. HTML, TEXT or Approval Request.


Once all text, links, etc. have been proofed in both the HTML and TEXT email, open the Approval Request email.

The Approval Request email will contain some details on the deployment including the name of the mailing list (email ID), the tentative deployment date & time, the final approver, the emails spam score (provided by 3rd party plugin by SpamAssassin), the subject line and the number of recipients broken down by list (or split).

And lastly, the link to the Deployment Test Response Page. This is where the final approver will provide feedback and approve the proof emails. All comments and edits should be entered onto this page; they should not be sent directly to the GTxcel Email Coordinator or your Publishing Support Team.

Deployment Test Response Page

The contents of this page consist of approval checkboxes to either set as “I approve” or “I do not approve” for each the HTML and TEXT emails. These checkboxes save immediately upon clicking.  Also included is the option of making comments for each split and format. If selecting “I do not approve,” please be sure to add a comment as to what changes are needed.

Once approval is received, the Email Coordinator will deploy the email at the requested date/time. 

NOTE: Emails will NOT be deployed until the final approver has selected “I approve” for each split and message type.
NOTE: If no date/time is specified, the email will be deployed once approval is received.

Need Help?
The Digital Help Desk is the process for communicating with GTxcel regarding new title setups, questions, and technical issues for the Web Reader and/or Apps.

You can submit a request to us through the Request Help button located in the Publisher Dashboard or call the support number: 800-609-8994, option 3.
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