Page Editor

Last modified June 30, 2021

Basic Navigation

From left to right:

  • Go-to page menu
  • Page forward, backward, to start or end of the issue
  • Zoom in/zoom out
  • One or two page toggle

Tip: for documents with traditional 2-page portrait layouts, switch to 1-page mode to quickly maximize your page size. This will allow you to see details, e.g. when placing a link box on specific page content:

Undo/Redo – The undo and redo buttons allow you to undo or redo your last action.

Preview – To see how the changes will look in the final web product, click the preview button. Changes are applied to your staging url as you make them!

Saving Your Work

Changes are applied to your staging URL as you make them. It is not necessary to “save” your work as you make changes. But, it is important that you choose from the following options when you’re finished working:

Done Editing will sync up all your changes with local files on GTxcel’s servers, to ensure complete compatibility with any additional changes that might be necessary.

Revert removes all your changes and puts everything back as it was before your session began.

Tip: Revert can take some time to process, so you might save some time by using multiple undos instead.

Functional notes on both “Done Editing” and “Revert”:

  • Either of the above releases the Page Editor session, so other users (including GTxcel!) can work on this issue, if needed.
  • If you exit the Page Editor, close your browser, etc., your changes will be saved, however, you should still return to the editor to confirm or revert your changes.
  • If you do not properly exit from your session, a GTxcel user may need to take over and determine whether or not to keep your changes. To ensure the right action is taken, please make sure to make your own selection of “Done Editing” or “Revert.”

Questions and Support

Please email your Customer Success Team or complete the following form for assistance:
Digital Help Desk Request Form

Need Help?
The Digital Help Desk is the process for communicating with GTxcel regarding new title setups, questions, and technical issues for the Web Reader and/or Apps.

You can submit a request to us through the Request Help button located in the Publisher Dashboard or call the support number: 800-609-8994, option 3.
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800-609-8994, option 3
Response Times
General Question/Requests – A Customer Success team Member will begin working on your request within one to two hours of receipt. We will complete the request as soon as possible; we aim to have all requests completed within 24 hours.