Adding Categories to Articles

Last modified June 30, 2021

You now have the ability to add categories to your articles from within the article editor. We’ve released this feature with limited functionality, but it ties in with some major product releases that are coming in the near future. That includes creating article lists and grouping arbitrary groups of articles based on categories. In the future you will be able to:

  • Group articles in the new library based on their category
  • Generate category-based article RSS feeds for Apple News, Alexa, and others
  • Track and report category related analytics

Adding categories to your articles is a two-step process.

Step 1: Log into the Publisher Dashboard

First, you must create the categories from within the publisher dashboard. After logging in, go to the ‘Issue Details” page of your title. There you will see a categories box in the left sidebar, just under the ‘Contact GTxcel’ box. If you haven’t already added a category it will be empty. Just place your cursor in the textbox labeled “Add Category Name” and type the name of the category, then click the blue plus button.

Once you’ve added all of your categories in the publisher dashboard, you will be able to add them to articles from within the article editor.

Step 2: Adding categories to your articles

You can add categories to your articles from the article list view, or while editing an individual article.

From the article list view: in the left sidebar you will see the name of the category, followed by the number of articles associated with that category in parenthesis.

Simply drag and drop the category tag to the article with which it is to be associated. To delete a category from an article, click the small ‘x’ in the category tag.

While editing an individual article: in the left sidebar you will see the name of the category with a checkbox . Check off which category or categories you want to be associated with this article.

Once you save the article, the categories will appear as tags below the article in the article list view.

Customize Articles Based on Their Category

One of the immediate benefits of article categories is the ability to customize certain aspects of an article based on it’s category. In the examples below, the roof header style of each article was changed based on the articles category.

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