Subscriber Managed

Last modified November 10, 2022

Subscriber Managed authentication uses a subscriber list, supplied by you, to assign a user ID for access to all users on the list provided. This list would be updated and uploaded for each document that the subscribers should have access to. Users would then be able to access each document by using their email address to sign in.

You can also limit the number of devices that each user can access using their user specific URL. This prevents public posting or URL forwarding. The default number of devices is set to 8.

This access model can also be used with email notifications deployed through GTxcel. The email notification would include URLs with the user ID attached. After clicking on the URL, a cookie is written to the users computer. This enables direct access to the digital edition without requiring the user to sign in with their email address.

GTxcel provides extensive e-mail services including HTML and text preparation, processing of fulfillment database lists, e-mail deployment, and tracking/reporting to meet ABC and BPA criteria.

Setup Requirements:

Granting User Access to New Documents:

You must provide GTxcel a list of subscribers/users for each new document.  When a new document is published live, users will not have access to the new document until the subscriber file has been loaded into the GTxcel database for that document. It is suggested to upload the subscriber list before the document is scheduled to publish.

GTxcel will only email the new document email to the subscribers/users on the list provided. No other emails will be included in that mailing.

Once these subscribers/users are loaded into the GTxcel database, they will have access to the new document on all available platforms.

For more information about the equivalent access model for your App, click here.

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