Analytics Powered by Mixpanel

Last modified September 29, 2020

Analytics for your GTxcel Digital Editions are now powered by Mixpanel.

Analytics data is available directly from the publisher dashboard.  Just click the “Analytics” button on any issue card for your publication to view analytics data.

The first tab is the Overview.  On this tab you will find combined data from all the issues in your publication.

This includes data from Apps and Web.  The default Date Range is the last 30 days.  You can select from one of the presets or choose a custom date range.

To view data from one specific issue, click on the Issue Content tab.  Select an Issue with the Issue filter.  The issues are sorted by date published.

The most commonly accessed information is available within these report tabs.  Click Dig Deeper at Mixpanel to use the Mixpanel reporting interface to access additional metrics and segmentation.  Contact GTxcel’s professional services team to discuss the creation of custom reports tailored for your business

Definitions of Metrics

Metric Definition
Unique ReadersThe number of unique readers that viewed a piece of content within the date range. A reader is determined to be unique based on cookies stored on their device. If possible, GTxcel will count a subscriber as one unique reader even if they access content from multiple different devices during the date range.
Total Content ViewsThe number of times a piece of content was viewed within the date range. A piece of content can be an article, a replica page, an interstitial advertisement, a table of contents, or a popup.
Total Reading Duration The sum of the duration of all content views within the date range (excluding content displayed within the context of an article or replica page such as popups or within article ads).
Avg. Reading Duration per ReaderThe average time that each user spent reading during the date range.
Total SessionsThe number of sessions that took place within the date range. A session is a group of interactions that take place within a period of time that starts when a reader views a piece of content and ends after 30 minutes of inactivity.
Avg. Content Views per SessionThe average number of content views within a session for sessions that took place within the date range.
Avg. Session DurationThe average duration of the all sessions that took place within the date range.
Avg. Sessions per ReaderThe average number of sessions each reader engaged in during the date range.
Returning ReadersThe number of unique readers who are recognized as having accessed the content previously during the date range.
Returning Reader %The returning readers as a percentage of the total readers during the date range.
Bounce RateThe number of sessions that included only one content view as a percentage of all sessions during the date range.

To view data from one specific issue, click on the Issue Content tab.


The following types of advertisements are included within the advertising reports in the dashboard.

  • Launch Screen Ads
  • Interstitial ads between articles
  • Fractional ads within articles
  • Banner Ads in the following contexts
    • Table of Contents
    • Side Menu
    • Search
    • Bookmarks
    • Feeds

Advertisements that appear within the replica pages are not tracked as advertisements, but impressions and clicks can be inferred based on replica page views and exit link clicks.

Leaderboard ads require custom ad tracking code to be implemented in order to be tracked properly.  Contact your support team for details.

Need Help?
The Digital Help Desk is the process for communicating with GTxcel regarding new title setups, questions, and technical issues for the Web Reader and/or Apps.

You can submit a request to us through the Request Help button located in the Publisher Dashboard or call the support number: 800-609-8994, option 3.
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800-609-8994, option 3
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General Question/Requests – A Customer Success team Member will begin working on your request within one to two hours of receipt. We will complete the request as soon as possible; we aim to have all requests completed within 24 hours.