Setting Up A New Ad Manager Account

Last modified April 14, 2023


If you do not currently have an AdSense and Ad Manager account, or if you have been using someone else’s DFP account, the first step to onboarding your ads will be to sign up for both a Google AdSense and Ad Manager account.

AdSense is an advertising placement service by Google. You may choose to enable AdSense to place advertisements in your digital editions after your exclusive or run-of-site advertisement inventory has been met. These advertisements will essentially take the place of house advertisements. A publisher can earn money from AdSense if enough site visitors view or click these advertisements.

Note: Even if you do not plan on using Google AdSense, Google requires you to be approved for AdSense prior to applying for an Ad Manager account.

Google Ad Manager (formerly Google DFP) is Google’s ad serving platform. Ads will be trafficked to your digital edition through Ad Manager, where you will track clicks, impressions, and CTR on all ad orders.

Choosing a Website to associate with your AdSense Account

Google will provide you with a snippet of code to be placed on a website in order to verify the account. This cannot be done on the digital edition, as the Turnstyle platform generates pages on-demand. As such, the code will need to be applied to an existing website for your publication or business.

Choosing An Email For Your AdSense & Ad Manager Accounts

Your AdSense and Ad Manager accounts must be associated with a Gmail account (if your company uses Gmail for their corporate/business accounts, a work email is considered a Gmail account).

GTxcel recommends you use an account accessible by many people, such as You can add more users to Ad Manager once the account is created, but AdSense will only be accessible through the account that was used to apply for it, so avoid using one person’s email account.

Apply for AdSense

  1. Go to Google’s AdSense Signup page.
  2. Fill in the necessary information. The email you use should be a general/group company address, not a personal one.
  3. Choose business account
  4. On the next page, you will receive instructions that will enable you to connect your website to AdSense.

Note: AdSense will provide you with a snippet of code that you need to place on your existing business website. Once it is in place, you may log back in to AdSense and submit the site for review.

Apply for Ad Manager

  1. Go to the Google Ad Manager page.
  2. Log in with your AdSense username and password.
  3. Choose Country and Timezone.

Add GTxcel as an admin

  1. Go to Admin (top right)
  2. Choose Access & Authorization on the left panel
  3. Add:

Please follow Google’s instructions carefully in order to avoid rejection and the resubmission process.

Common Issues Applying For AdSense

Below are explanations for common problems you may experience when applying for AdSense and what actions to take depending on the issue you run into.

You do not have a live website to use in the application process

Google requires that the site you are applying for be live on a public url. If your website is a new and not yet published you will need to:

  • Use an existing website’s Ad Manager to run ads to the site until the new site is up and you can apply
  • Apply with another live domain to get approved
  • Put Non-Served or static placeholders, until the new site is up and you can apply

You do not have AdSense credentials/forgot your credentials

Google does not allow you to create a new account for a domain that already has an email account associated with it. If someone on your staff who is no longer with you created your account, you will need to figure out what email (gmail) account they used to apply. If you can contact them, you can have them change the email to an email you prefer by following these instructions.

If you only know the email, but do not know the password, you can attempt to reset the password for the account, by following these instructions.

You have been locked out by Google

If you entered your digital edition URL into the application form and it indicates that the domain is banned or disabled, it means someone in your organization has gone through the application process before and either failed to finish the application or violated a Google Rule. You can try to appeal, however, note Google is notoriously slow to change their mind. If you need to go this route, pursue it vigorously at the beginning of the project.

You have submitted an application to AdSense but have been rejected

First, reconfirm that your digital edition follows best practices listed on our application guidelines. If so, review more detailed information and suggestions:

My application was disapproved. What do I do now?

If you have tried all options and cannot get a Google AdSense Account

  • You can apply with another domain/website your company administers
  • You can run ads in the same account as an already existing DFP account
  • You can discuss other services with the GTxcel Success Team
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