App Access Models

Last modified January 26, 2023

Open Access
Publishers Site Login
In-App Purchase (Subscriber Managed)

Open Access 

The Open Access model allows any reader who downloads the app to have full access to all documents.

     Setup Requirements:

  • No additional requirements

Publisher Site Login

The Publishers Site Login access model grants access to all documents for members who log in successfully.

     Setup Requirements:

  • Publisher login url – Must be secure (https) & mobile optimized.
  • Success URL (this page will not actually be displayed to the app reader, but will be used by the app to recognize that the publisher has verified this reader).
  • Test account, including username and password. This is required to provide to Apple as part of the submission process in order for the app to be tested and approved.

In-App Purchase (Subscriber Managed)

An app with In-App Purchase is offered for free in the App Stores, but will allow users to pay to access documents within the app. All purchase transactions happen via a users iTunes or Google Play accounts. Users may purchase a yearly digital subscription starting with the current document or purchase individual documents.

This access model coincides with the Subscriber Managed access model used on desktop and mobile webreaders. Users given access via your subscriber list would also be able to access those documents within the app by inputting their email address.

Setup Requirements:

  • Purchase price for a yearly subscription (auto-renew automatically enabled)
  • Purchase price for single document
  • Publisher subscribe URL

What to know about subscriptions bought through the app:

  • A yearly subscription is based on the term and is not tied to the number of documents. The subscriber will be given access to all documents that publish within the subscription term.
  • In-App subscriptions do not give access to back documents, though back documents will be available for purchase individually.
  • Auto-renew
    • All subscription purchases will default to auto-renew through iTunes or Google Play.
    • Users must opt out of the auto-renew if they wish the to end their subscription.
      • Opting out of the auto-renew does not cancel a current subscription. It simply will not renew the subscription for another term.
  • Single document purchases will give the user access to only that specific document purchased.

Restore Purchases Feature

If a user would like to access the document(s) they have purchased via an iTunes or Google Play account on a different mobile device than the document(s) were purchased on, they may use the ‘Restore Purchases‘ feature. This is especially useful for users who upgrade to a new phone/tablet, or lose their phone/tablet and have not created an account with GTxcel. The app must be downloaded again using the same account the purchase was originally made on.

Reporting on Subscriber Data and Sales

Apple limits the data that is required to be collected during the In-App Purchase process. Because of this, providing any personal data cannot be required during.

Following the iTunes purchase process, GTxcel will present the subscriber with an opportunity to ‘share their information with the publisher.’ If the user opts in to sharing this information, you will have access to the subscriber’s Name, E-mail and Zip Code. If the subscriber opts out, no subscriber information will be made available.

Google Play offers all subscriber & sales information to you, via the Developer portal.

Refunds and Cancellations

If a user would like to cancel their subscription, they must opt out of the auto-renew feature through iTunes or Google Play.

If a user would like a refund, they must do so in the iTunes or Google Play stores since the purchase was made through the store. GTxcel does not have the capability to issue a credit to the user’s account. Officially, they do not offer refunds on In-App purchases.  All sales are considered final.  However, occasionally they will allow a refund and credit the user’s account. If this happens, that amount will be deducted from the next remittance to the publisher.

Need Help?
The Digital Help Desk is the process for communicating with GTxcel regarding new title setups, questions, and technical issues for the Web Reader and/or Apps.

You can submit a request to us through the Request Help button located in the Publisher Dashboard or call the support number: 800-609-8994, option 3.
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