September – Turnstyle Upgrade for Existing Turnstyle Customers

Turnstyle Issues are getting a big upgrade in September of 2016. This version of Turnstyle addresses the needs of many publishers with a balance of automation and design control. Once the upgrade is complete, you will have access to a library of standard templates within your article editor, allowing you to change your layout with a single dropdown selection.   If you choose to let the system pick the template for you, your articles will automatically default to a vertical text display.


  • New standard templates to deliver responsive design and clean layouts for basic article content (featured images, galleries, etc)
  • Additional article editing tools to make updating faster and more straightforward
  • Easier integration with ad servers to streamline and increase monetization efforts
  • New fractional ad bridge service (add-on) to extract partial page print ads for inclusion in responsive editions

The webinar recording below presents the introduction to standard templates.

Webinar Recording

                  Preview of September 2016 upgrade for Turnstyle customers with introduction to standard templates.     Volume 90%          

Publisher Questions from the webinar

Will the Turnstyle table of contents view change at all?

We have not changed the TOC with this upgrade.

Do you have any examples of how the new templates would look in the Turnstyle format instead of the single-column, vertical-scroll format?

The video will provide you with some examples and we will be posting additional examples on this website in the upcoming weeks.

Can you select one template for an entire issue without changing each page?

The Default Template, which is a vertical scroll layout, will always be the default.  Currently, we do not have a way to set any other template as the default.  However, changing templates is easy and can be down with a click of the button.

Where will we find the specs for the three cover images?

The specs (in pixels) for the cover images are:

  1. (565w x1000h)
  2. cover.portrait.jpg (750w x 1000h)
  3. cover.landscape.jpg (1000w x 627h)

These images can be uploaded via the Publisher Dashboard to “Other File Types” category.

Are you saying this is replacing the replica version on desktop?

The templates will replace the current article view only.  There is another initiative to provide an updated desktop version; this option will be available within the next few months.

Does the default setup include more than one template?

With this upgrade, you get the ability to choose among a series of 5 templates:

  • cover
  • default
  • gallery
  • floated images
  • hero image

Our plan is to launch with five and then occasionally release a new template and/or enhance our current selection of templates as this product develops.  We will be looking for your feedback to guide us.

Is fractional ad extraction automatic?

No. Fractional ads will only be extracted upon request (Ad Bridge service), and there is a separate fee for that.  If you are interested, let your publishing support team know.

Does the upgrade give us the ability to modify SEO fields (ie title, metadescription) in the dashboard to improve that aspect of the current reader?

There is separate work currently being done to address SEO. We will send out information about this when it is released.

What will the timeline be for moving current Turnstyle publishers over to the new platform?

Migration will begin September 6th, and we are hoping to be complete by September 23rd.  It takes 2 to 3 hours to move each title to the new platform; during the actual move, you will not have access to the dashboard.  You will receive notification from your publishing support team that your migration is complete.  We will not begin a migration for any title that is actively within the production cycle.

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