June: Article Categories, Download Parity, New Analytics Metrics

Dear Publishers,

Summer is here, and our developers are in full swing! This month’s updates include the addition of article categories, feature improvements, and analytics enhancements.

Article Categories

We’re happy to announce that you now have the ability to add categories to your articles. This new feature allows you to customize certain aspects of an article based on its category.

This feature ties in with some major product releases that are coming in the near future, including creating article lists and grouping arbitrary groups of articles based on categories.

In the future you will be able to:

  • Group articles in the new library based on their category
  • Generate category-based article RSS feeds for Apple News, Alexa, and others
  • Track and report category related analytics
  • Add custom styling to articles based on their category
  • Adding categories to your articles is a simple two-step process. For more details, check out our documentation.

If you’re interested in these use-cases or have additional ideas, please reach out to your support team and we’ll get in touch to collaborate.

Download Parity

The download button has now been added to the Reading View. This was in response to publisher feedback and to create better parity from Page View to Reading View.

Detailed Video Engagement Metrics

We’ve expanded our integration with JW Video Player to now include a more detailed report of user engagement. This includes the number of plays and completions for both Reading View and Page View.

New Regional Dashboard Metrics

We have added an additional table to your analytics dashboard. Going forward you can now obtain geographical data, including international regions. Please reach out with feedback on the table and its usefulness.

We’re also working hard on adding more features and data to your analytics dashboard, including: better data exports, and reader duration metrics.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • The navbar logo is now centered properly
  • Paging forward is smoother, no more flashing images
  • Added favicon support

GTxcel is committed to the continued evolution of our platform. Thank you for continuing to partner with us, we appreciate your business.


JoAnn Mauro

Senior Director of Customer Success

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