Multimedia Placement Tool – Overview

Last modified June 30, 2021

JW Player Videos

The Page Editor will now pull any videos that have been uploaded to your JW Player account in addition to the media you have uploaded in the publisher dashboard. You may sort by media type or filename:

To add a video, navigate to the page on which you want the video to appear. Now click the correct video in the media library. The video will appear on the page.

When a video that appears on the page is sourced from JW, the appearance properties will allow you to choose the player (if multiple players exist in the JW Player account).

Overview of the Media Tab

The tools on the Media tab allow you to upload, place and change multimedia items in the issue. To familiarize yourself with each tool, here’s a description of how each tool functions.

  Selection Tool
Delete selected media element on page
Undo last action
 Redo last action
Upload multimedia files
 Create video overlay

Media Library Section

This section displays the file type (indicated by the icon to the left of the file name) and the file name for each media element uploaded to the issue.  Clicking the arrow icon next to FILENAME will order the file names in either ascending or descending order.

The icons associated with each file type are as follows:

HTML file

Image file: supported file types are GIF, JPG, PNG

Audio file: supported file types are WAV, MP3, M4A

Video file: supported file types are MOV, WMV, AVI, FLV, F4V, MPG, MP4, M4V

Clicking once on a media item will add it to the currently displayed page

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