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Last modified June 30, 2021

GTxcel’s Page Editor gives you access to the links and table of contents of your digital edition, putting you in control of last-minute changes – corrections, customizations and other fine-tuning.

Enter the link editing mode by selecting the “links” tab in the left-hand pane.

There are 2 ways to approach selecting a single link to make changes:

1) Review the list of existing links on the left-hand pane. Any that are incorrect can be clicked on. This will take you to the page with the link, highlight it, and activate the properties editor for that link.

2) Navigate to the desired page using the page arrows or pull-down menu, then select the dotted outline of the link you wish to modify:

Once the link is selected, details of destination, mouseover text, placement and color can be edited in the properties editor pane:

Click ok after making changes.

Note: “Go to [Destination]” is the standard, default mouseover text which will use the specified destination in the final product. For this example, the resulting mouseover text will be: “Go to http://www.macys.com
Delete a Link

To delete a selected link, use the delete button (or the delete key on your keyboard).

Moving and Resizing Links

You can move or a link by selecting a link box then dragging it with the mouse. Likewise, you can resize a link box by selecting a corner of a link box and dragging the mouse.

To see how the changes will look in the final web product, click the preview button.

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