Create or Edit Web Reader Table of Contents

Last modified June 30, 2021

The Table of Contents displays in the Web Reader and Mobile Web Reader applications; it is not used in mobile apps. You can control the entry labels, page destinations, sequence and hierarchy, add and delete items and/or build a full TOC with the Table of Contents editing tools.

Table of Contents Editing Mode

Enter the Table of Contents (or “TOC”) editing mode by selecting the TOC tab in the left-hand pane.

Add a new Table of Contents Entry

To add a TOC entry, click on the “add” button in the tool palette:

New Entry Position

New entries by default will be placed at the end of existing TOC entries:

If desired, you can control the initial placement, or sequence, of the entry by selecting an existing entry. The new item will be added after the selected entry. In the example below, the new TOC entry would be added after “Apple Crisp Cake”.

In either case, entries can be moved later (see below).

New Entry Label, Destination and Level

After selecting your location and clicking the “add” button you will need to set the label, destination and level:

  • Enter in the TOC entry’s label in place of the placeholder text “[title]”
  • Specify the page destination of the TOC entry using either the pulldown menu of available pages, or the “CURRENT PAGE” button

Note that if you select a page other than the current page from the menu, you can navigate quickly to that page with the “GO TO PAGE” button

  • Choose the heading level 1 or 2, in the right-hand edit area. Level 1 is the default.

Levels other than 1 can only be selected if the heading above it in the TOC order is a higher level. For example: you can’t set a level 2 heading if the level of the entry above it on the list is a level 1. Level 1 will be styled with all-caps in the Web Reader. 

  • Click “OK” to create the entry

The new entry will appear either below the previously selected entry, or at the bottom of the list (if no entry had been selected). The current entry will remain active for further edits, either until a new entry is added or a different entry is selected.

To see how the changes will look in the Web Reader, click the preview button:

Edit Existing TOC Entries

Existing TOC entries may be edited. Start by selecting an existing entry on the left TOC entry list view, and the tool area on the right pane will display “Edit TOC Entry.”

Label, destination and levels must be modified by selecting individual entries, and modifying the values in the right-hand info pane as is described above. The position (or sequence) can be modified by dragging and dropping existing entries to the desired position.

Modify Text Label (Hierarchy)

Click on the “TOC Text” box to make changes to the text label for the selected TOC entry.

Modify Destination Page

Use the pulldown menu of available pages or select current page to modify the page destination.

Modify Level

Use the pulldown of available levels to set an item as a sub-entry of the item above.

TOC Position

To modify the sequence that your entries appear in, select individual entries and drag/drop them to the desired position in the TOC list pane. Note that you can not set hierarchy in this manner, just sequence and only one TOC entry can be moved at a time.

Delete TOC Entry

To delete a TOC entry, select the entry (or entries, via shift- or control-click), and either use the “DELETE” button on the right-hand info pane, or the X button on  the left-hand tool pane. The selected entry will be removed.

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