Articles Dashboard

Last modified June 30, 2021

Article List Overview

After clicking into the Article Editor, you will see a list of articles that have been extracted for this issue. You can:

  • Click on the titles to edit individual articles
  • Select individual articles that you would like to delete
  • View: page numbers (sequential) and last edited date
  • Reorder articles
  • Add new articles

Check WCAG Accessibility

This tool allows you to check for accessibility issues on all of your articles at once. To do this, click the “Check Accessibility” button at the top of the page. It may take a minute to run, depending on the number/length of articles in your publication.

Accessibility Issues

If the ‘Check Accessibility” action detects any issues, it will return a number in the ‘Accessibility Issues’ column. To view the issue details and resolve them, open the article and use the article editor.

Reorder Articles

The ordering of articles can be set by dragging articles up and down the list. Note that unless you’ve marked certain articles as “featured”, once you use the reorder feature, the first 5 articles in order will be the articles that appear in the “featured” list, e.g. in the iPad library screen of your app. Otherwise, article ordering will control the order in which articles appear in the list TOC, and the reading order for the articles in Turnstyle apps.

Once you are happy with the ordering, click “SAVE” to keep or “CANCEL” to discard the changes. Ordering changes should be visible in the app immediately after saving.

Add new articles

If you would like to create an article, you can do so with the “ADD NEW ARTICLE” button. This will create a blank article, to which you will need to set a title, body text/images/etc. and related page numbers from your print publication.

Deleting articles

You can select one or more articles that you would like to delete by clicking on the row for each article, then click “DELETE SELECTED ARTICLES.”

If your magazine set up has multiple configurations please be aware that deleting an article will remove it in all locations.

Deleting articles can’t be undone.


The article list displays the article titles as they will appear in your app article list table of contents. You can click on these titles to edit individual articles, including to make changes to the titles.


You’ll see a list of all pages in the issue that are associated with this article. They are based on the sequential PDF page numbers, so they may not match the printed folio numbers.  You can edit these values in the article detail view, if needed, e.g. to correct or add to the set of replica pages that have “text” links directly to this article. You also will need to add page numbers if you create a new article.


This column shows what template the article is using. To change templates, click on the article to open the article details screen.

Updated Date

This column displays the last date articles were updated (or saved). Note that these timestamps will update whenever an issue is updated by the GTxcel team.

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You can submit a request to us through the Request Help button located in the Publisher Dashboard or call the support number: 800-609-8994, option 3.
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