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Last modified June 30, 2021

Up to 3 feeds of external content can be included in your apps. RSS feeds allow you to provide readers with new content at any time, encouraging users to return to your app more frequently than new issues are produced. We recommend that posts contain full story or headline content – not teasers linked to your website. While not required, GTxcel strongly recommends that you include at least one RSS feed. GTxcel can add the RSS feature after the app has been built and accepted without requiring a resubmission.

Please note: We do not currently support ATOM feeds.

RSS Feed Examples:

A feed containing article content and images (as recommended):

A feed containing headlines only (not recommended):

Where it appears:

RSS feed(s) appear in the “Feeds” area of the app.  A badge will appear on the button indicating the number of new feeds that have been published since the reader last visited the RSS feed(s). Additionally, the first few posts of each feed will appear in the RSS feeds screen.


  • 1-3 unique feeds may be included per app.
  • Popular content feeds: breaking news, products/reviews, videos, blog.
  • Provide a unique name for each feed (up to 12 characters).  This name should be provided to your Digital Specialist (it does not need to be included in the feed).
  • Each feed must be supplied as a URL containing valid RSS.
  • Please confirm that your feed validates, e.g. via:


Each RSS feed can contain any content, except that of the printed magazine, which would be redundant.

Title (required): The title (<title>) of each article (<item>) will appear in bold on the feed screen, and be linked to the article content (<description>).   Example: <title>Vestas Receives 90MW Order</title> Example: <link></link>

Link (required):  The link (<link>) is the url for the article (<item>).

  • pubDate (required):  The pubDate is required for the app and must be provided with correct syntax for the RSS feeds to appear in the correct order.  The day is optional. Example: <pubDate>Fri, 19 Nov 2010 00:00:00 GMT</pubDate>
  • Description (required): The post description (<description>) will be displayed as the content of the post.  The content element (<content:encoded>) can also be used with description.  If <content:encoded> is used then it will be displayed as the content of the post instead of <description>.
We strongly discourage feed content that only includes article teasers that force users to go to a website, which is not as mobile-friendly as the article within the app. to read the full story – a poor user experience.
  • Links to external sites must be included with the domain in full.
  • Images (optional): Include as links to externally-hosted images, referenced by absolute URL path, including domain. If you omit the domain and use relative paths, your images will not display. To avoid horizontal scrolling within posts, please do not use images that exceed 320px wide in size.
  • Videos (optional): Include as links to externally-hosted videos. If you choose to host videos at YouTube, use the following url format, to display only the video in “full-screen” mode (with no extraneous material around it):<video>&fs=1&rel=0
  • Tags: The allowed set of tags for formatting your content is: <a> <b> <br> <dd> <dl> <dt> <em> <i> <li> <ol> <p> <strong> <u> <ul> <img> (GTxcel will automatically strip out tags that would be problematic to view on a mobile device.) 


 <title>Vestas Receives 90MW Order</title>
 <description>90MW Order for 50 V100-1.8MW Wind Turbines</description>
 <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p>Vestas has received a 90MW order for 50 V100-1.8MW wind turbines from John Deere Wind Energy for the Michigan Wind II project near Minden City, MI.</p><p>The contract includes delivery and commissioning along with a 10-year service and maintenance agreement. Delivery is scheduled for mid-2011 and commissioning is expected by the end of 2011.</p> <p>&ldquo;Vestas is excited to help John Deere deliver additional clean energy to Michigan,&rdquo; says Martha Wyrsch, president of Vestas Americas. &ldquo;The V100-1.8MW turbine is designed to produce large amounts of energy for areas with low- and medium-wind speeds.&rdquo;</p> <p>In 2007, Vestas supplied John Deere 32 V82-1.65MW turbines to the Harvest Wind project near Bad Axe, Michigan, and an additional 33 V82-1.65MW turbines for two projects in Oregon.</p> <p>This marks Vestas&rsquo; second order in the United States of the V100-1.8MW in November. The first was a 58MW order for a project in Idaho.</p>]]></content:encoded>
 <pubDate>Fri, 19 Nov 2010 00:00:00 GMT</pubDate>

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