Getting Started with Mobile Apps

Last modified June 30, 2021

This document contains a detailed description of items to be uploaded using the Publisher Dashboard Request App form to get started with your GTxcel digital magazine application (“app”) program.

Many items are linked to provide you with more detailed information.

Please utilize these links.

Step 1 – Apple, Google Play & Amazon Developer Licenses

Do you have your Apple Developer’s License?

No – Click here for instructions on how to obtain an Apple Developer License

Click here to start the process with Apple (You will need to purchase the $99/year iOS Developer Program)

Yes – Click here for instructions on how to provide GTxcel with access to your Apple Developer Program AND  iTunes Connect accounts.

Do you have your Google Play Developer License?

No – Click here for instructions on how to obtain your Google Play Developer License and Provide access to GTxcel.

Do you have your Amazon Developer License?

No – Click here for instructions on how to obtain your Amazon Developer License and Provide access to GTxcel.

Step 2 – Selecting your Access Option (iOS & Android)

Click here for help on how to determine which access option is right for you.  Click on each access option below for more detailed information on that access option.

Open Access – allows any reader who downloads the app to have full access to all issues

     Setup Requirements:

  • No additional requirements
  • For iOS Newsstand apps, provide default cover art
  • Proceed to Step 3

Publisher Site Login Access – full access to all issues is limited to members

     Setup Requirements:

  • Publisher login url – Must be secure (https)  & mobile optimized
  • Success URL  (This page will not actually be displayed to the app reader, but will be used by the app to recognize that the publisher has verified this reader.)
  • Test account, including username and password. This is required to provide to Apple as part of the submission process in order for the app to be approved
  • Proceed to Step 3

In-App Purchase – access to subscriptions or individual issues must be purchased through the app.

     Setup Requirements:

  • Purchase price for digital only subscription (choose yearly, monthly or weekly)
  • Purchase price for single issue sales
  • Publisher subscribe URL
  • GTxcel’s instant delivery beacon coded into publisher’s mobile optimized subscribe page
  • Publisher hosted Update My Info URL (optional)
  • For iOS Newsstand apps, provide default cover art
  • Proceed to Step 3

Step 3 – App Assets (Required for iOS & Android)

Below is a checklist of the items you’ll be providing GTxcel for each title’s app. Click each item for a more detailed description.

All assets listed below should be uploaded to the Publisher Dashboard’s Request App form (see below). Click Publisher Dashboard to login. If you do not have your login credentials, please contact your Digital Specialist.

     Required Items:

  1. iPhone/Android icon
    (120 x 120 png)
  2. iPad/Android Tablet icon
    (152 x 152 png)
  3. Kindle Fire Carousel icon
    (114 x 114 png)
  4. Apple Store icon
    (1024 x 1024 png)
  5. Google and Apple Store icon
    (512 x 512 png)
  6. iPhone/Android launch image
    (640 x 960 png)
  7. iPhone 5 launch image
    (640 x1136 png)
  8. iPad/Android Tablet launch image
    (1536 x 2048 png)
  9. Navigation bar logo
    (320 x 48 transparent png)
  10. Default Cover Art (Apple Newsstand Only)
  11. Display name
    Up to 12 characters
  12. Store Name
    30 characters
  13. Start issue
  14. Description
    Up to 1060 characters
  15. Apple Primary category
  16. Apple Secondary category
  17. Google Play Category
  18. Amazon Store Category
  19. Store Keywords
    Up to 100 characters
  20. Apple iTunes Content Rating
  21. Google Play Content Rating


Optional items:  All of the following are optional and may be submitted or updated independent of the app creation and submission:

Need Help?
The Digital Help Desk is the process for communicating with GTxcel regarding new title setups, questions, and technical issues for the Web Reader and/or Apps.

You can submit a request to us through the Request Help button located in the Publisher Dashboard or call the support number: 800-609-8994, option 3.
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