Turnstyle ACE Advertising

Last modified August 3, 2021

Make ACE part of your advertising strategy by leveraging multiple ad positions available on desktop, mobile, and native apps.

Ad Positions


  • Desktop and mobile
  • Banner slot located above the logo
  • 960×90 (x-large screens), 728×90 (standard screens) or 320×50 (mobile devices)
  • Close button optional


  • Desktop and mobile
  • Banner slot located at bottom of screen
  • Sizes: 960×90 (x-large screens), 728×90 (standard screens) or 320×50 (mobile devices).
  • Covers content
  • Close button optional (but recommended)

Sponsored Module (Library only)

  • Desktop only
  • Banner ad slot located in the navbar
  • Size: 320×50

Table of Contents

  • Desktop article view only
  • Size: 300×250

Navbar Sponsorship

  • Desktop and mobile
  • Banner ad slot located in sidebar on desktop, between modules on mobile
  • Sizes: 320×50
  • Can be strategically placed above category article lists (a list of articles from a specific category, pulled from all issues and sorted by date)
  • Multiple modules can be placed

Banner ads will be placed at the collection level. Ability to place ads at the Issue/article level coming soon

A Visual Guide

Library View on Desktop
Library View on Mobile
TOC Mobile
Article View on Desktop
Article View on Mobile

Google Ad Manager

Any ad position can serve ads via Google Ad Manager. We create an HTML file for each ad position and host it on our file system, then render each in its own iframe.

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