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Last modified June 30, 2021


Turnstyle responsive editions provide advertising in the form of full-screen, interstitial advertisements which appear between article pages. Ads from your print edition are automatically included in your Turnstyle edition, though with the Page Editor you’ll have the opportunity to repurpose full-page print ads. All ads must be placed relative to your content with the Article Editor.

Convert PDF to Interstitial

Note: partial-page ads can not be converted, only full-page ads

For Turnstyle customers, the Page Editor includes the option to convert full-page print ads for use as interstitials in your Turnstyle articles.

Step 1: Launch the Page Editor

From the Publisher Dashboard, click the “Page Editor” button once your issue has completed the initial conversion steps.

Step 2: Select the “Advertisement” tool

Step 3: Choose a page to convert

Use the navigation tool to find the full-page ad you would like to convert into an interstitial ad. Once you locate the page, select the “Convert page to interstitial ad” checkbox/button

Step 4: Name your ad (optional)

Name your ad for easier identification in your analytics reports and the ad placement tool. If you do not provide a name, the default name will be based on the page position in the PDF, e.g. “Page37Ad”

Naming Caveats:

  • Ad names must be unique within an issue – both between replica ads and uploaded custom html ads.
  • Any non-ascii characters or spaces will be converted to underscores.

Step 5: Link your ad (optional)

You may provide a URL link for the ad if desired, e.g. the URL from the print ad, or a custom URL for Turnstyle.

TIP: Check that the URL works on iOS devices!

Step 6: Review Ads, Exit Page Editor

Repeat steps 1 to 5 for each ad you wish to convert. When you are ready to review, the selected ad pages will appear by page number and name on the left-hand pane. Clicking on the names or page numbers will take you to that ad page

You may now exit the issue editor and proceed to the AD PLACEMENT section below.

Ad Placement

Launch the Article Editor to specify where you would like each ad to appear. Placement is set relative to individual articles, to give you maximum control.

In the Article Editor you’ll see a list of all articles in the selected issue along with all available ads in the “Turnstyle Interstitial Ads” box on the left. Drag each ad name from this box over to the “After Article” box of the article where you’d like the ad to follow. You may have up to 10 ads after any one article.

View of the Article Editor with several ads that have been placed:

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