Self-Service Fractional Ads

Last modified June 30, 2021

Self Serve Fractional Ad Placement

Ads can be manually inserted into individual articles using the Article Editor. See our overview on fractional ads to learn about other workflows.

To insert an ad, click the Advertisement button in the toolbar.

This will open the Advertisement dialog, which has three separate tabs.

Info Tab

The Info Tab contains general settings that apply to all in-article ads.


This name will be sent to the GTxcel analytics platform for tracking purposes. If you use the same name for more than one ad within an issue, those ads will be combined in your analytics reports. In most cases you will want to use different names for each ad in an issue. This field will also be used for the Alt text for WCAG compliance.

Ad Type

You can choose from three different ad configurations:

Image: Upload a static image to use for this ad. The same image will be used regardless of whether the app is online or not.

Ad Server: Paste an ad server tag to use for this ad. The ad server will control what ad is displayed. If the app is offline, this ad will not appear.

Image + Ad Server: A combination of the other two options. The primary ad will come from the ad server. If the app is offline, it will use the image instead.

Ad Orientation

This will let Turnstyle know how to display the image.

Horizontal: Ads displayed horizontally will occupy the full width of the article

Vertical: Ads displayed vertically will occupy 50% of the article width

Ad Captioning

Check off ‘Captioned Image’ to add a caption to your ad

Size (optional)

Used to determine the size of the ad. These dimensions should exactly match the size of ad you intended to use. For fixed-size ads, you should use pixel values for both width and height. For responsive ads, you may want to use a percentage width in some cases.

Media query (optional)

The media query settings are used to control what devices your ad will appear on. The ad will only be displayed if the browser window width is between the Minimum and Maximum. If you leave these settings blank, your ad will always appear. Keep in mind that your ad may be cut off if it is too large for the device.

Image Tab

The Image Tab is used to setup the static image portion of your ad, if any. It will only appear if your Ad Type is set to Image or Image + Ad Server.

Choose File

Used to upload an ad image from your computer.

Browse Server

Used to choose an ad image that has already been uploaded. This is useful if you are trying to place the same ad more than once in an issue.

Link URL (optional)

The link to open when the user taps on the ad image. This only applies to the image ad. If your Ad Type is set to Image + Ad Server, link behavior will be determined by the ad server when showing a served ad.

Ad Server Tab

The Ad Server Tab is used to setup the ad server portion of your ad, if any. It will only appear if your Ad Type is set to Ad Server or Image + Ad Server.

Ad tag code

Paste the javascript ad tag code from your ad server here. If there is code that your ad server says to include in the HEAD of your page, include it here, before the rest of the code.

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