Full-Service Fractional Ads

Last modified June 30, 2021

Full Service Fractional Ad Placement

In addition to extracting the article text & images from the PDF, the customer can also request that GTxcel extract all fractional ads from the PDF for inclusion in the Turnstyle edition.  Full Service Fractional Ad Extraction is available to create a bridge for publishers who do not have the ability to include responsive ads into their digital editions and apps.  These ads will scale but within the limitations of the asset provided.  For optimum digital ads an ad server is recommended.

Fractional ads will be flattened to static images and will automatically be placed into article content, where they sequentially appeared within the original PDF. All fractional ads will be wrapped with a banner, identifying the element as an advertisement, which will automatically be linked to the printed URL that appears within the ad. Additionally, all extracted ads can be tapped/clicked to enlarge. If the fractional ad extraction output is not ideal for the Turnstyle format, Publishers have the opportunity to replace or delete any extracted ads via the article editor within the Publisher Dashboard. 

How it works:

  • Image is extracted and assigned size class to maintain relational value on page. Sizes may differ based on screen size, but we try to represent the ad size as close to the original as possible.
  • If fractional ads fall outside of an article we will place it at the end of the preceding article. If multiple fractional ads reside outside an article and on a single page we will extract all ads 1/4 page or larger. 
  • Ads are assigned names for tracking analytics
  • The most prominent URL will be linked to the ad.
  • Ads are differentiated from article images by:
    • Grey container border 
    • Advertisement” banner at top

* Fractional ads will only be extracted upon request. You may remove any ads you would like to exclude from the digital version during the editing process.

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