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Disclaimer: Xerox customers, please refer to your contract as some of the processes listed in this document may not apply to your workflow.

Getting Started

The Publisher Dashboard is a web-based tool that allows you to upload and manage your files, check the status of an issue, and preview and edit issues. GTxcel will set up your Publisher Dashboard account.

Once you have an account setup with GTxcel, it is time to begin uploading files.  With the aid of this document, you will soon be creating new editions of your publications and uploading files to begin the production process.

Logging into the Dashboard

Go to where you will see a login screen:

GTxcel will email you your username and password. Your password is case sensitive so make sure to input exactly as you received it. If you forget your password, please contact your Digital Specialist.

Home Screen Overview

Visit this page often!  It will provide you with the status of your projects as well as alerting you of any items that require your attention.

1. Production Status

This box represents the main action display of your Digital Edition.   The  information provided here will inform you as to what stage of production  your digital edition is on.  If you have multiple editions, titles, or issues, they  will be listed in descending order.

2. User Actions 

Create Issue: will allow you to open a new digital issue for this publication.

Upload Files: will display a screen which will allow you to upload files for a new issue, or files to an existing issue.

Issue Editor: opens an editing tool with options to add or create links, table of contents entries, media elements, and/or convert ad pages for Turnstyle apps. (available options will depend on your service package)

Article Editor: for issues with apps or web article extraction, an Article Editor tool is available once articles are ready to review, allowing you to make changes to the extracted text.

View Live/View Staging: will link you to your digital issue in either the  staging (preview or live environment depending on the stage of  production your files are in.  The button name will change accordingly.

Details Screen Overview

1. Digital Edition Progress

This pane will continually update with the progress of your new issue.  If you click the “Show All” button to the right  you will see all four stages of production.  The “Take Action” space will display any item that requires attention from the Publisher to move the digital edition along in the production process.

2. Files for Issue

This pane is the upload center.  Here, you will be able to Upload, manage, and even delete all files pertaining to your issue by clicking on the blue “Upload Files” button to the right.  The tabs below will allow you to view your Uploaded files sorted into their respective categories.

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